The Private Label Factory.

The factory and the production technology compliant with the European standard ensure consistent quality. Our products are made with the use of the latest generation food industry equipment. Our automated production lines enable continuous and large capacity production.Through the use of natural resources, we endeavour to ensure that the environmental risks are as low as possible in course of our operation, therefore we use renewable energy, which is provided by a solar panel system. We use high-quality ingredients exclusively. Our cocoa bean product suppliers provide us with products originating from farms which had obtained the FAIRTRADE certificate.

Through our innovations we have the opportunity to produce products of different price levels, ranging from bar products to the dessert category. We are able to produce layered, semi-finished and seasonal products as well, however, we are also prepared for catering to individual needs. We warrant reliable quality, therefore we are the store brand product suppliers of multiple Hungarian chain retailers.Our plans include the development and introduction of products in which we process the top-quality ingredients provided by Hungarian farmers, thereby meeting the highest level and exclusive consumer expectations.

There is not limit to our creativity other than our imagination.


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